Common Proofreading Mistakes

By Crista Talbert

Did I read it write? Did I reed it right? Did I read it it right?

Did you see the errors in the all 3 of the examples above? If so, you are doing a great job as a proofreader, but it can be very easy to skim right past some errors, particularly if you have read the same thing many times. Your brain will see what it believes should be there and mistakes can be missed.

Some of the most common proofreading mistakes are grammar, spelling, homonyms (words that are spelled the same with different meanings such as pen, book, read, address), and apostrophe catastrophes.

The ability to write and the ability to proofread are not the same. A proofreader is able to spot the issues in writing, and a professional proofreader will make up the copy to show where the errors are. A professional proofreader does not rewrite the copy as that is the job of the editor. Proofreading is a particular skill that should be used as the final set of eyes before copy is ready to be complete. Several sets of eyes should have done a once over before it reaches the desk of the proofreader, so content changes have already been made.

What can a Professional Proofreader do for You?

A professional proofreader can ensure that your article, blog, research paper, or novel are grammar and spelling free which gives your copy that level of professionalism that shows customers that you care about the quality of the writing you are putting out there. Nothing can turn off a customer like seeing spelling mistakes on an email you sent them, or in a book they are reading.

You See the Need for a Proofreader, so Now What?

I am here to help with your proofreading needs. I would love to speak with you to ensure that your writing sends your message without distraction. Reach out on the contact page, and let's start this journey together.

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