Thoughts on Writing

Writing can be a passion and that passion can become a business. I have always loved to write and would look at the beautiful covers at the bookstore thinking “someday, that will be me.” I still love to write, but my passion has changed. I no longer want to write a novel, but want to use my writing skill to help others engage readers to share their message.

What does this mean exactly? Writing as a business can mean many things. For some, it can be writing advertising, emails, social media posts. For others who like to do more research and spend more time on a project, it could be writing white papers and long content. What about ghostwriting a book for someone else? A great way to use creative writing to tell someone else’s story. The options are endless.

This is my little piece of heaven, my new business The Well Crafted Word. This is where I use my love of the written word to help others get their message to the masses, whether it be a novel, copy for a business, help with a resume or editing and proofreading.

They say when you do what you love, you never work a day in your life. Now that is a life worth living. Do you agree?